We are capable of developing piping specifications in accordance with client requirements, ASME B31.3, and B31.1.  When requested we can develop fabrication standard details for piping systems that ensure piping fabrication is performed as required per ASME B31.3, and B31.1.

Our experienced staff can perform pipe stress analysis on new piping systems to ensure that the system is meeting the code required stress limits, all flanged connections are not overstressed which may cause leakage, and the piping is adequately supported.  In addition they can analyze existing systems to assess issues with rotating equipment or leakage issues as a result of overstressed components. We have extensive experience evaluating systems from high temperature (1500F) to high pressure (4000psi).

For systems being installed in Canada, our staff can assist you in determining the Provincial and Territory requirements, as well as aiding in developing the documentation for design registration submittals.

We have a network of pipe fabricators we work with that produce high quality finished products.  If requested we can in addition to doing the design of the piping have the piping fabricated at one of these shops.

Below are some of the tools we currently use in our designs:

  • Autopipe from Bentley
  • Internally developed tools
  • WRC 107 and 537 for nozzleand attachment loading design
  • NozzlePro from Paulin Research Group for detailed finite element design of nozzle attachments.
  • Solidworks
  • Solidworks Simulation for linear elastic analysis of custom or non-standard pressure geometries.