We are capable of designing and detailing pressure vessels to ASME Section VIII Division 1.  Provided with a pressure vessel datasheet and any client requirements we can rapidly prepare actual design calculations and develop general arrangement and fabrication details.  If requested we can propose cost saving measures in the pressure vessel design so that the pressure vessel is still suited for its intended service but can be manufactured at a reduced cost.

For existing equipment we are capable of designing, detailing and specifying a scope of work for the repairs and alterations (including re-rating) of pressure equipment in compliance with the National Board Inspection Code or API 510.

In addition to design services, we provide the review of drawings and design calculations by others for pressure vessels to be installed and operated in most provinces and Territories in Canada. To operate a pressure vessel that falls within a province or territory’s regulatory definition in Canada, the vessel must have a Canadian Registration Number and a Certificate for Operation.   For fabricators outside of Canada we can help in all aspects of the design registration, fabrication shop qualification requirements and document submittals.

For pressure equipment that falls outside of the scope of ASME Section VIII Division 1 or provincial or territory requirements we are also capable of using good engineering practise and design codes to prepare a cost effective solution.

We have a network of pressure vessel fabricators we work with that produce high quality finished products.  If requested we can in addition to doing the design and fabrication drawings have the pressure vessels fabricated at one of these shops.  

Below are some of the tools we currently use in our designs:

  • Compress from Codeware for ASME Section VIII Division 1 designs
  • Solidworks for 3D modelling and 2D detailing
  • AutoCAD for 2D detailing
  • WRC 107 and 537 for nozzleand attachment loading design
  • NozzlePro from Paulin Research Group for detailed finite element design of nozzle attachments.
  • Solidworks Simulation for linear elastic analysis of custom or non-standard pressure geometries.